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for demanding applications

For the most demanding applications

Our products are designed for the most demanding requirements of control room applications such as 24 hour, seven day a week operations. They include adjustability features for operator comfort and for reducing operator stress during critical operations, thus increasing their productivity.

An Adaptaspace™ product such as the Genesis™, was designed to reflect the trends in our industry: simplification of the product, extensive use of flat screens, and modularity of the components to allow easy tailoring to customer needs as technology and requirements evolve. For example, processor cabinets are such that they could easily be removed and replaced by a modesty/privacy panel, should the processors be located in an adjacent room in the future. An enclosure can be included at first and then removed in the future without affecting other functionalities of the console. This is how we can achieve a high level of compliance to your requirements while maintaining a very attractive price for the proposed solution.